I’ll Help You Become The Best Version Of Yourself


My passion for People, Leadership and Performance was the rocket fuel for my accelerated success at companies like Cadbury and Kraft and remains the fire in my belly! Only now my focus is to enable Business Owners, Executives and Managers un-lock the power of leading for performance for themselves; propelling them and their people faster to their brilliant best!
Leadership is not some touchy-feely abstract idea, it is the foundation for helping people achieve things they never thought possible! What I have found in a career that took me in 25 years from a role as a front of house employee in a restaurant to leading director roles in some of the UK’s top FMCG companies is that Leadership For Performance is the key to unlocking true business potential.
The way we choose to think, act and behave inevitably influences our impact and results in life and at work.
I will support and challenge you to get the very best out of yourself.

If You’re Thinking… Why Bother?

Clients tell me I help boost their capacity to be:

  • Pro-active rather than re-active.
  • Less prone to take things personally.
  • Less stressed and under constant pressure.
  • Clearer as to why they do things the way they do them.
  • Better able to communicate with clarity and simplicity.
  • More deeply engaged relationally at work and play.
  • More productive (Both myself and my teams).
  • More engaged with my direct reports and teams.
  • More impactful on results.
  • More clearly focused on my goals and able to set goals with my teams.
  • More able to lead by influence and not position.

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