“Phil’s approach is a breath of fresh air in comparison to other coaches I have met and is far more natural in his approach than others. Phil gently challenged me in some of the things I thought about myself, with some positive observations for balance, to help me see how I could be better at the things I want to be better at. I left my time with Phil having learnt an awful lot about myself, with more confidence, renewed energy and more insight in leadership and influencing. I have seen clear improvements in my business as a result of the time I have spent with Phil. As I say – a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t recommend him enough”.
Matt Lyons: MRICS
“Phil is a great motivator and coach and is someone who has been an immense influence to me throughout my career. I have drawn on Phil’s experience and counsel to deliver results as well as develop my own personal style”.
Emma Pawson: Supply Chain Director
“Phil has been a great support for me and our mentoring programme. Feedback form clients confirm what I already knew about Phil; he is professional and compassionate, challenging yet thoughtful, flexible but meticulous. These words all sound great; however, meeting Phil face to face and you’ll see what I mean. He listens with genuine care and is extremely easy to converse with, backed up with impressive subject knowledge and experience in developing relationships, creating & executing strategy and motivating others by leading by example to over-deliver. I have no hesitation in recommending Phil as a personal development coach and mentor”.
Andy Hall: GC Business Growth Hub
“The mentoring and coaching I received from has been invaluable to me in my career. Whether it was mentoring me on how decisions are made in large corporations or coaching me on how I came across to a broad range of stakeholders. What was different about the support I got from Phil was the direct and honest nature of the conversations and the strong link to developing me whilst driving improved results for the business”.
Will Chandler: Business change and operational leader
I turned to Phil 12 months ago when I was at a crossroads in my life and career. It’s fair to say I found the first session a little challenging, but Phil listened intently and asked some searching questions. He quickly made sense of what I perceived to be my issues whilst probing me to get to the root of the problem. My tendency to over-think and over-analyse were quickly drawn out from the conversation and the foundations of a plan to improve my mindset were underway. A few sessions later, Phil had helped me build confidence to develop new thinking, allowing me test alternative ways of influencing whilst making an important step towards the next challenge in my career. Fast forward to today, I’m 7 months into an exciting new role, my thought processes are clearer, I’ve improved my self-awareness and appreciate the power of self-management. None of this would’ve been possible without the encouragement, advice and guidance from Phil. Now reinvigorated and with strong self-belief, I’m where I want to be…. on a continual leadership improvement journey with the ongoing support of Phil.
Adam Wilson MCMI: Experienced Sales and Operations Leader
Phil is an absolute pleasure to work with – not only is he open and knowledgeable, but he is very happy to listen and share his invaluable advice. He was kind enough to help me and my business partner organise our ideas and really push us to make some important decisions. His warm but professional style is excellent, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for some business/professional support.
Kellie Noon: Founder ONNO training