“Phil’s approach is a breath of fresh air in comparison to other coaches I have met and is far more natural in his approach than others. Phil gently challenged me in some of the things I thought about myself, with some positive observations for balance, to help me see how I could be better at the things I want to be better at. I left my time with Phil having learnt an awful lot about myself, with more confidence, renewed energy and more insight in leadership and influencing. I have seen clear improvements in my business as a result of the time I have spent with Phil. As I say – a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t recommend him enough”.
Matt Lyons: MRICS
“Phil is a great motivator and coach and is someone who has been an immense influence to me throughout my career. I have drawn on Phil’s experience and counsel to deliver results as well as develop my own personal style”.
Emma Pawson: Supply Chain Director
“Phil has been a great support for me and our mentoring programme. Feedback form clients confirm what I already knew about Phil; he is professional and compassionate, challenging yet thoughtful, flexible but meticulous. These words all sound great; however, meeting Phil face to face and you’ll see what I mean. He listens with genuine care and is extremely easy to converse with, backed up with impressive subject knowledge and experience in developing relationships, creating & executing strategy and motivating others by leading by example to over-deliver. I have no hesitation in recommending Phil as a personal development coach and mentor”.
Andy Hall: GC Business Growth Hub
“The mentoring and coaching I received from has been invaluable to me in my career. Whether it was mentoring me on how decisions are made in large corporations or coaching me on how I came across to a broad range of stakeholders. What was different about the support I got from Phil was the direct and honest nature of the conversations and the strong link to developing me whilst driving improved results for the business”.
Will Chandler: Business change and operational leader