Who Is My 1-2-1 Coaching and Mentoring For?


Time and again I initially help Individuals to an improved sense of who they are, what they can do, where they are going and how they’ll get and stay there! Then by using my ability to influence SMALL changes in their thinking, mindset, behaviour and habits, their progress to motivating leadership is accelerated. This might include:


  • Business owners, executives or managers who may have wide and varied experience but are currently a little overwhelmed or are struggling to cope in their roles.
  • Aspiring leaders looking to transition from management.
  • People new into leadership roles and working to find their feet.
  • Any individual simply wanting to make positive changes to their life or career.
I work across sectors from large corporates to small SME’s, Not for Profit, Public Sector and Charities.

‘’Phil is first and foremost a people person with a great ability to get people motivated and firing on all cylinders. Very perceptive and good at creating that step change we all strive for.’’

How I Work


I start by listening to truly understand you. I ask questions and lots of them! Not just the easy ones but the tough ones others will often skirt around. I provide honest, structured feedback, which is always in your best interests.
If there is a mutual satisfaction, we turn our conversation into building habit driven personal development plans where I gently hold your feet to the flames to support you in delivering your new ambitions.
In an over complex and often confusing world, I provide a rich set of new, old, practical and life-tested ideas, concepts, tools, techniques and frameworks that will work quickly for anyone wishing to learn and apply them.

‘’I’ve tried leadership / executive coaching before, but it never went anywhere. Through two no nonsense sessions with Phil I truly believe I’ve already turned a corner. Just the tonic and kick start I needed.’’

All 1-2-1 Programs Include:


  • Initial free discovery meeting
  • Face to face coaching/mentoring sessions timed as you need them
  • Leadership assessment
  • Individual action plans
  • Full email and phone support between sessions
  • Leadership tools
  • Additional personal learning and development resources
  • My absolute commitment to support you towards your stated goals and hold you accountable for taking action to achieve them
  • Leadership reassessment