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“Phil is first and foremost a people person with a great ability to get people motivated and firing on all cylinders. Very perceptive and good at creating that step change we all strive for.”


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Step 1.

How The Process works

Step 2.

Understand Your Current Reality

Step 3.

Expanding your thinking and behaviour


Step 1

How the process works

    1. I start by listening to truly understand you. I ask questions and lots of them! Not just the easy ones but the tough ones others will often skirt around. I provide honest, structured feedback, which is always in your best interests.
    1. If there is a mutual satisfaction, we turn our conversation into building goal and habit driven personal development plans where I gently hold your feet to the flames to support you in delivering your new ambitions.
  1. In an over complex and often confusing world, I provide a rich set of new, old, practical and life-tested ideas, concepts, tools, techniques and frameworks that will work quickly for anyone wishing to learn and apply them.

Step 2

Understand your current reality

Much has been written and talked about on the importance of leading others. But what about leading ourselves? As the age-old saying goes, sometimes “we are our own worst enemy.” This is because we forget to check in and take care of ourselves in the midst of our daily grind to lead our teams and our organisations.If you’ve ever flown, you’ve heard a flight attendant say, ‘If you are traveling with children or seated next to someone who needs assistance, place the mask on yourself first, and then offer assistance.’
Take a moment to consider the following 5 questions;

  1. Who are you?
    Sound too obvious? Do you know your personality and character? Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses? Are you confident in your abilities?

  3. What do you want?
    What you do is rarely what you want. Do you know what you truly want?

  5. Why do you want it?
    Having meaning and purpose in life is important. Remember success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

  7. How will you get it?
    Are you able to influence your thinking, mindset and behaviours in the pursuit of your ambitions?

  9. Where are you heading?
    This is about how things will look, what people will say and how you will feel when you arrive at your destination.

The harsh reality of leadership is that people choose who to follow, despite hierarchy and formal authority. Therefore, follow-worthy leaders have earned the right to lead others by first showing strength in the daily leadership of themselves. Doing so allows them to offer their very best while leading everyone to success.


Step 3. Expanding your thinking and behaviour


We often spend time developing values, visions, missions, strategies, cultures, business and personal development plans often only using a tiny amount of our capacity to think, act and behave.
The way we choose to think, act and behave inevitably influences our impact and results in life and at work
In my sessions I would ask you to consider:
i. Is your thinking balanced? (Image)

Many people overvalue logical thinking qualities and undervalue emotional thinking qualities. We’ve found those in charge often have sound business judgement and financial awareness, hard skills (IQ) however these very same people more often than not lack the soft people skills required to coach, facilitate and support the development of people, (EQ)
So what is the solution? (BQ) Balanced thinking! Combining logical and emotional thinking to grow yourself, select your people, develop your strategy, build culture, take choices and make decisions.

ii. Is your mindset fixed or growth? (Image)
In a fixed mindset, people believe their qualities are fixed traits and therefore cannot change. These people document their intelligence and talents rather than working to develop and improve them. They also believe that talent alone leads to success, and effort is not required.
Alternatively, in a growth mindset, people have an underlying belief that their learning and intelligence can grow with time and experience. When people believe they can get smarter, they realize that their effort has an effect on their success, so they put in extra time, leading to higher achievement.
iii. Are your behaviours engaging and motivating? (Image)
Are your behaviours open and encouraging to different points of view or are you closed and dismissive of things you don’t agree with? Every place of work has a different atmosphere, a different environment, a different ethos. An efficient and harmonious working environment is created, largely; by the way people behave in the workplace. This includes the behaviour of employees, employers and to, some extent, even customers and clients.

• Initial free discovery meeting
• Fortnightly face to face coaching sessions (depending on location skype may be used)
• Leadership assessment
• Individual action plans
• Full email and phone support, directly from your coach, between sessions
• Optional “DISC” behavioural and personality evaluations (additional cost)
• Leadership tools
• Additional resources
• My absolute commitment to coach you towards your stated goals and hold you accountable for taking action to achieve them
• Leadership reassessment

‘’Phil is first and foremost a people person with a great ability to get people motivated and firing on all cylinders. Very perceptive and good at creating that step change we all strive for.’’

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