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Landscape aesthetics, ecology and public benefits




Landscapes 4 People (L4P) is the business name for Peter Currell who is a sole trader working in environmental and landscape delivery. Peter is a Chartered Environmentalist and has a wide range of experience in countryside management, protected landscapes, sustainable travel and much more.


The services offered by L4P above focus on the activities best suited to his knowledge and experience, but they are not exclusive so please get in touch if you need anything else.






Peter has 30 years experience in these fields of work and a summary of his working and other experience can be found on his cv


This can be downloaded by clicking here




Fareham Issue




Peter has worked with utility companies to help mitigate the visual impact of infrastructure and to enhance the ecology and benefits for people in its vicinity.


"by considering how to work in partnership with others to enhance the ecology and benefits to people of the area, we can contribute to a better ecological network and help deliver your corporate social responsibility"


"it also makes business sense. For example by doing more than required by statute, your reputation is enhanced and with this overall enhancement in place there is less likely to be objections or a 'cause celebre' when essential infrastructure works are needed"


"the motivation to improve, rather than simply mitigate is something I can help with, both strategically and on a local project basis"