About Me

I like to think of life as not fair, with no guarantees and just as you think you get it, the goal posts change however if you choose to keep things simple, truly believe in yourself, remain curious and continually learn you can achieve almost anything you set your mind too.

My life has been far from straightforward. As a teenager I had to cope with a number of unexpected family traumas and tragedy which left and continue to leave their mark however I have learnt to deal with these issues and maybe I have even grown stronger through them. On the flip side I achieved unexpected success in my life both in work and out of it and currently enjoy a lifestyle I would never have thought possible.

I didn’t start to learn at university or business school, but through ten years in the catering industry front of house where I learned a little about business and a great deal about people. In my mid-20s, seeking a change, I joined Cadbury as a sales merchandiser travelling around corner shops where I learned a little more about business and a great deal more about people.

Over a 20-year period, I unexpectedly rose rapidly to senior director roles across Commercial and Supply Chain functions where yes you got it, I learned a little more about business and a great deal more about people. I led the operational transformation team that recovered Cadbury’s from the doldrums unwittingly preparing it for the eventual Kraft takeover. I chose to close the book on my corporate career as Customer Service Director with Kraft Foods.

The same passion for supporting and developing people that was the rocket fuel for my success at Cadbury and Kraft motivates me still. I now apply the same skills and experience in working with business owners, leaders, executives and management to help them be more influential.

I am 30 plus years married to my ever supportive, patient and far more capable wife and have two grown up sons of which I am extremely proud. In my spare time I enjoy public speaking and actively blog on personal development, leadership and business-related matters. I enjoy Hill walking, music, non-air travel, family (sometimes), food and wine (all times). I dislike narcissists, bureaucracy, complex process, closed minds and insincere people.