Leadership 4 Performance

What I Do

L4P was created to simply help get the best out of you. Whether this be for the good of yourself and the life you want to lead, or maybe it’s to become a better leader for your people, company, career and lifestyle. It is built combining many years of practical hands on experience with the latest personal development Insights and leadership thinking.


My support will give you a developed sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going coupled with the ability to influence your thinking, mindset and behaviours on the way to getting there.


Why I Do It

Today’s reality is that many people want to live a better life but don’t know how to go about taking the necessary steps in an ever faster-more paced, challenging and stressful world. It’s often so hard to see the wood from the trees when wanting to create a better version of you. This can often transfer to the workplace, where the effects of poor leadership from those in charge fail to inspire their teams, build relationships and partnerships and win hearts and minds of people in pursuit of common ambitions.


Having experienced the incredible effects of strong leadership both in my personal life and in the workplace, I created L4P to harness my passion for quality leadership and my love for people development. This has enabled me to impart my knowledge and experience to guide people down the road of self-improvement whilst clearly demonstrating the incredible benefits that leadership can have on individuals’ lives, their careers, teams or businesses.

Who Is My 1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring For?

Business owners, executives or managers who may have wide and varied experience but are currently a little overwhelmed or are struggling to cope in their roles could all benefit from my mentoring.


  • Aspiring leaders looking to transition from management
  • People new into leadership roles and working to find their feet
  • Any individual simply wanting to make positive changes to their life or career
  • I work across sectors from large corporates to small SME’s, Not for Profit, Public Sector and Charities.